Congratulations to the incoming officers of the Department of Oklahoma VFW on their well-deserved appointments. We are confident that you will all serve with distinction and dedication.
The VFW is a vital organization that provides support to our veterans and their families. They have all been chosen for this position because of their commitment to the VFW's mission. We know that you will work tirelessly to uphold the VFW's values of service, loyalty, and comradeship.
We am particularly excited to see the work that you will do to improve the lives of veterans and families in Oklahoma. We know that you are all committed to making sure that our veterans have the resources they need to succeed. We look forward to working with everyone to make Oklahoma a better place for veterans.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing officers for their service. They have all made significant contributions to the VFW, and we are grateful for their dedication.
We wish you all the best in your new roles. I know that you will do great things for the VFW and for the veterans of Oklahoma.
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Commander-in-Chief Fritz Mihelcic will be at the State Convention.

Commander-in-Chief Fritz Mihelcic will represent the national organization at your Department Convention, June 09-12, 2022, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

A VFW Message to Veterans in the Wake of Recent Events in Afghanistan

The following is a message from VFW National Commander Fritz Mihelcic

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